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We find, most times, that new potential clients are depending on computer environments that have been pieced together over time. The client companies will suffer various computer network issues over their business history that require IT support such as a lack of computer backup solutions or network security. Often a staff member, who has the most computer knowledge, will be elected to perform the work of an IT professional, while balancing their own business work flow. 95% of the time, the above staff member will extend outside their knowledge base and become overwhelmed.

MSC has also witness scenarios where potential clients have hired outside IT support, at times from several sources, that were not mindful of their global business plan. They will apply a bandage fix to your immediate issue; make money and then move on to their next business project. You as a business owner, or manager, will be left with little or no computer network documentation, and a overall uneasy suspicion of the true health or your computer business foundation.

Moon Systems Corp. understands that a small growing business needs to focus on their business and not the business of developing into IT professionals. We understand your immediate need to resolve open computer network issues can also coexist with the natural tendency to pull back from those pending upgrades and repairs out of a lack of knowledge and fear of cost. It's all about trust. That trust has to be earned. Allow us the opportunity to earn that trust, prove our worth and to build a strong business computer network infrastructure that your company can thrive upon.

Thank you for taking the time to review our site. Below are some examples of past work.


Old server room with poor network security in Long Island, NY

This client was running an old SCO Unix server with dumb terminals. We, in the past, removed the terminals and set them up with windows workstations with emulation software. Eventually we custom built a SBS 2003 server and moved them to a new 3rd party business application. The Unix server remained for history data.


Rebuilt server room & computer backup solutions in Long Island, NY

Today, as you can see, we rebuilt the whole server room. We consolidated all to a 2012 Windows-Standard server rack. We updated the UPS, the firewall for network security, switch, patch panel, LAN video DVR, rewired for accessible wire management, and built a fully functional server work bench.


Old, ineffective computer backup solutions in Long Island, NY

Yes, most times it looks like this (above) when we start with a new client. This is a pure example of years of applied fixes, addressing immediate issues, while lacking follow up and/or fore thought. MSC was introduced to the environment, due to a daily crashing Exchange server and a past non-responsive IT support group. They had no usable computer/network documentation.


Upgraded network & security in Long Island, NY

After further review, we discovered that this company was changing backup tapes (over two years) that contained no backups. In fact most of the devices seen in the 'Before' picture were running, drawing power and serving no function. MSC addressed the immediate issue of the lack of functional computer backup solutions. Then went on to resolve the crashing Exchange server by replacing the main UPS battery. We quickly derived a secure baseline computer environment for this client, utilizing the best of their existing equipment. At this point, our client can now breath, and take the time to make educated decisions about their computer business foundation.


Before 3

Yep!!! 4 Servers, and 10 workstations are relying on the above situation. There was no network documentation. There are no port identifications, or any way of knowing what is connected to what. The Uninterpretable Power Supply UPS, supporting  the network devices during power over/under voltage, had 15 seconds of life remaining (extremely old). More importantly, a unencrypted wireless router, taping into the business local area network, was discovered (sitting on the top shelf). The cable modem, they are relying on for Internet access, was de-void of it's own internal battery - relying on the failing UPS it was plugged into.


Improved network security & computer backup solutions in Long Island, NY

MSC Solution: Shut down the unprotected wireless access to the business network. Reconfigure encrypted wireless access. Identify all connection points from wall jack to central patch panel. Re-organize all cable/network devices for easy support access. Provide full network documentation on all the above.