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Computer Network Solutions

For Small Businesses

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Value-Added IT Support in Long Island, NY

Moon Systems Corp redefines computer networking services with wide-ranging, quality work. We offer everything basic IT support to network setup in Long Island, NY, from residential home computer setups to full commercial business computer network environments, including the following:


  • Plan & Implement a Complete Wired or Wireless Network Topology
  • Establish a Custom Server Room That Makes Sense for a Particular Environment–from Local Workstation Face Plate to Server Room Patch Panels–Includes Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Setup/Monitoring
  • Custom Build Servers, Workstations, & Computers (Towers, Racks or Laptops) 
  • Design & Implement Full Microsoft Computer Network Environments
  • Assess & Document Existing Computer Network Environments on Security, Performance, & Functionality
  • Plan, Manage, & Implement Full Computer Office Relocation
  • Provide Training on Functionality of Newly Implemented Computer Environments Hardware/Software
  • Set up Email & Install Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, & Copiers 


  • Establish High-Speed Access with Protection through a Hardware or Software Firewall
  • Set up & Test Automated Backups on/off-Site
  • Develop & Test Full Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Assess, Install, Configure, Document, & Ensure Full Backups of New or Existing Third Party Business Applications, with Its Associated Data
  • Configure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for Secure Remote Access
  • Protect Business Data through Software Encryption That Meets HIPA Compliance & Regulation
  • Install Office/Home Video Surveillance with Our Microsoft Setup, Which is Accessible via Internet or Smartphone
  • Set up Anti-Virus & Malware Protection


  • Troubleshoot & Repair Existing Computer Environments Currently Hindering Functionality & Performance
  • Troubleshoot & Clean Infected Systems
  • Perform Full Computer Upgrades & Repairs
  • Perform Data Recovery & Transfer to Safer Platforms


  • Provide Ongoing IT Support Either through Onsite Visit or Secure Remote Access
  • Third Party IT Liaison Support
  • Other IT Work 

Contact us for top-quality services that include IT support services and office and home video surveillance.